京セラの2画面Android携帯 Echo は4月17日発売、開発者プログラムも開始

京セラが米 Sprint 向けに提供する2画面 Android スマートフォン Echo の発売スケジュールを発表しました。Sprint では3月26日より予約を受け付け、4月17日に出荷する予定です。価格は新規2年契約または機種変更で199.99ドル (100ドルのリベート後)。あわせて、Echoの独自拡張に対応したアプリケーションのための開発者プログラムも告知されており、開発ツールやテスト用実機、マーケティング協力などさまざまなサポートの提供が案内されています。

2月に発表された Echoは、3.5インチ800 x 480 ディスプレイ2枚を独自の「ピボットヒンジ」で接続したデュアルタッチスクリーン端末。折り畳んだ状態では通常の1画面タッチ携帯として、開けば2画面で同時に2つのアプリ表示や拡張インターフェースで、さらに両画面を平らに並べて4.7型 960 x 800 のタブレットモードでも使える点が特徴です。基本仕様は1GHz Snapdragon プロセッサ(QSD 8650) 、1GBオンボードメモリ(ストレージ) + microSDスロット (8GBプリインストール、32GBまで拡張可)、LEDライトつき5Mピクセルカメラ (背面のみ)、802.11b/g WiFi にBluetooth 2.1+EDRなど。OSはAndroid 2.2。

特徴的な2画面を活用したアプリとしてプリインストールされるのは、上画面で動画を再生しつつ下画面で次の動画をブラウズして再生キューに加えたりバッファリングできる VueQue、下画面をフルサイズのソフトウェアキーボードとして使えるメール / テキストメッセージ、片方にサムネイル一覧を表示して片方に1画面拡大ができるギャラリー、コンタクトの一覧と詳細を表示できる電話 / 連絡先アプリなど ( Optimized Mode / 機能アシストモード)。また上記を含む7種のメインアプリについては、任意の2つをそれぞれの画面に表示して操作することも可能です (サイマル・モード)。

こうした独自拡張を利用するにはアプリ側での対応が必要となるため、Echo 対応アプリを増やすための取り組みとして開発者プログラムが開設されています。SDK やPC接続のためのデバイスドライバ、リファレンス資料やサンプルコードはすでに開発者サイトからダウンロード可能。開発者プログラムの発表文では、すでにEcho対応を表明しているデベロッパー (アプリ) として EA ( Sims 3)、Gameloft (Asphalt 6 : Adrenaline HD、Assassin's Creed、N.O.V.A.、Modern Combat 2: Black Pegasus、Spider-Man: Total Mayhem、スプリンターセル:コンヴィクション)、バンダイナムコ (PAC-MAN、Pool Pro Online 3、川島教授のBrain Exercise、Crush the Castle)、さらに新方式テキスト入力の Swype、GPSナビのTeleNav GPS Navigator などが挙げられています。

Kyocera Launches Android Developer Program, Attracts Leading Application Developers to Support the New Dual-Touchscreen Kyocera Echo Smartphone

First Dual-Touchscreen Smartphone to Debut at Sprint on April 17 with Optimized Applications Available from Industry Leaders Including EA, Gameloft, Namco Bandai, MobiTV, Jibe Mobile, Telenav and More

ORLANDO, Fla.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Kyocera Communications Inc. today announced the formal launch of the Kyocera Android Developer Program at the CTIA Wireless 2011 trade show. The announcement follows last month's introduction of the Kyocera Echo[TM], the first dual-touchscreen smartphone, which will launch exclusively at Sprint (NYSE:S) on April 17. The Developer Program, hosted at www.echobykyocera.com/developers, includes a software development kit (SDK) and additional materials to support the creation of Android[TM] applications optimized for Echo's dual-touchscreen platform.

Kyocera already has received strong support from many well-known members of the Android developer community. The developers are creating and/or optimizing applications and features spanning across multiple popular categories including gaming, social networking, location-based services (LBS), mobile entertainment and productivity.

* Gaming - Kyocera Echo's dual touchscreens are ideally suited for action-packed mobile gaming. Game play can span the top 3.5-inch display with controls accessible through the bottom display or a game can expand over both displays in "Tablet Mode" for double the fun. Kyocera is working with some of the industry's most popular companies to create unique gaming experiences, including:
o The Sims[TM] 3 from Electronic Arts: Bringing the worldwide popularity of The Sims[TM] franchise to the Kyocera Echo gives consumers instant access to the award-winning The Sims 3 from Electronic Arts. The Sims 3 is preloaded on the Kyocera Echo allowing players to bring their Sim instantly to life with a customized personality that can be neurotic, funny or shy along with personalized appearances, clothing and accessories. Players decide their Sim's character making them flirtations or solitary, friendly or rude, helpful or unaccommodating. Players fulfill their Sim's essential needs such as eating and sleeping to increase the amount of activities they can do around town. Optimized for the dual screens by using one display for game action and the other for controls, The Sims 3 players lead their Sim through life with over 70 goals and wishes to help each Sim reach their full potential. Long live The Sims!
o Gameloft: A preloaded icon links to a Gameloft download site, which will, over the course of the launch period, feature six games optimized for the dual touchscreens: Asphalt 6: Adrenaline HD, Assassins Creed[TM] Altaïr's Chronicles HD, N.O.V.A.- Near Orbit Vanguard Alliance HD, Modern Combat 2: Black Pegasus, Spider-Man: Total Mayhem and Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell Conviction.
o NAMCO BANDAI[TM] Games America: A preloaded icon links to Namco's digital marketplace, which will initially feature four games optimized for Echo's dual displays: PAC-MAN, Pool Pro Online 3, More Brain Exercise with Dr. Kawashima and Crush the Castle.

* Social Networking - Kyocera Echo's dual touchscreens mean maximum posting, sharing and tweeting space! The device, preloaded with the Jibe 2.0 Social Messenger app by Jibe Mobile, brings together social media and instant messaging to simplify mobile conversations and facilitate sharing across multiple social media networks including Facebook(R), MySpace, Twitter[TM], Google Talk[TM], YouTube[TM], Flickr(R) and Picasa[TM]. The Jibe solution provides customized news feeds and media channels with interactive sharing, allowing users to read, post and share messages and information with just one application. News junkies can post messages or add comments to multiple SNS (social network services) feeds with a single action and view friends' messages from various services on one application filtered by time, person or service.
* Mobile Entertainment - An optimized version of Sprint TV(R), powered by MobiTV, Inc.'s technology platform, gives users access to live and VOD content from ESPN, NBC, ABC and more, using one display as a viewer and the other display for controls. mSpot(R) provides Sprint Radio, preloaded on Kyocera Echo, rounding out the entertainment experience on the handset. Additional mobile entertainment customized for the dual screens will be available post-launch.

* Location-Based Services (LBS) - The first mobile device preloaded with the "Sparkle"[TM] platform from Location Labs, Kyocera Echo will give users on-demand location access to family finder, social gaming, fraud detection, phone detection, mobile marketing and more. Additionally, TeleNav GPS Navigator[TM] takes advantage of the device's dual screens, allowing users to display maps and traffic on one screen while accessing search or other controls on the other display. Alternatively, users can simply extend navigation over both screens for maximum viewing space.
* Productivity - Swype[TM], the 'superfast' text entry technology, allows users to input text at more than 40 words per minute with one continuous finger motion and has been customized for Kyocera Echo, giving users a supersized touchscreen keypad spanning an entire 3.5-inch display.

"Kyocera Echo's unique design gives third-party developers a new opportunity to enhance and showcase the full functionality of their applications, without being restricted by screen space," said Yasuhiro Ohishi, vice president of sales and marketing at Kyocera Communications Inc. "Echo supports virtually all applications available from Android Market, yet we're excited to see so many developers embracing the new format and optimizing existing and new applications for the dual displays."

Kyocera Echo - first dual-touchscreen Android[TM] smartphone

With innovative hardware and optimized software Echo provides 4-in-1 versatility to maximize the Android experience. When closed, Echo operates in Single-Screen Mode for full smartphone functionality; Simul-Task[TM] Mode allows for two of the phone's seven core apps (messaging, e-mail, Web browsing, phone, gallery, contacts and VueQue[TM]) to run concurrently but independently on the dual displays; Optimized Mode lets both displays support a single, optimized app with complementary functionality and enhanced usability; and Tablet Mode expands an application across both displays for a full 4.7-inch viewing area (diagonally).

Kyocera Echo is available on April 17, exclusively from Sprint, for $199* with a new two-year service agreement or eligible upgrade in all Sprint retail channels, including the Web (www.sprint.com) and Telesales (1-800-Sprint1). Beginning March 26, consumers can visit www.sprint.com/echo to "Reserve Now" and be among of the first to get their hands on Echo. Additional information about the product is available at www.echobykyocera.com.

About Kyocera Communications Inc.

Kyocera Communications Inc. (KCI) is the headquarters for Kyocera- and Sanyo-branded wireless products and accessories in the Americas. The company's devices are driving the convergence of telecommunications, broadband and multimedia. KCI was formed in April 2009 through the combination of Kyocera Wireless Corp. and Kyocera Sanyo Telecommunications Inc., two wholly owned subsidiaries of Kyocera International Inc. The former was created when Kyocera purchased QUALCOMM Incorporated's consumer wireless phone business in 2000, while the latter was formed when Kyocera purchased the wireless phone business of Sanyo Electric Co., Ltd. in 2008. Based in San Diego, KCI leverages Japan's history of creating advanced consumer technologies around humanism and respect for the environment and blending them with a Western entrepreneurialism and style, resulting in a unique design language and a natural, user-friendly interface. For more information, please visit http://www.kyocera-wireless.com or follow the company on Facebook at www.facebook.com/kyoceramobilephones.

Kyocera Corporation (NYSE:KYO) (TOKYO:6971) (http://global.kyocera.com/), the parent and global headquarters of the Kyocera Group, was founded in 1959 as a producer of fine ceramics (also known as "advanced ceramics"). By combining these engineered materials with metals and plastics, and integrating them with other technologies, Kyocera has become a leading supplier of telecommunications equipment, office-document imaging equipment, solar power generating systems, semiconductor packages, electronic components, cutting tools and industrial ceramics. During the year ended March 31, 2010, the company's net sales totaled 1.07 trillion yen (approximately US $11.5 billion). Kyocera marked its 50th anniversary in 2009, and the 40th anniversary of its U.S. operations. It is ranked #554 on Forbes magazine's 2010 "Global 2000" listing of the world's largest publicly traded companies.

NOTE TO EDITORS: Please visit toolkit.kyocera-wireless.com or www.sprint.com/newsroom for the product fact sheet and downloadable images.

*Requires a two-year service agreement or eligible upgrade (or new line activation) on an Everything plan with data plus $10/month Premium Data add-on. Pricing excludes surcharges and taxes.

(C) 2011 Kyocera. All rights reserved. Kyocera and Echo are registered trademarks of Kyocera Corporation. Android and Android Market are trademarks of Google Inc.; use of these trademarks is subject to Google Permissions. Electronic Arts, EA and The Sims are trademarks of Electronic Arts Inc. Gameloft is a trademark of Gameloft. TeleNav GPS Navigator[TM] is a registered trademark TeleNav, Inc. Swype is a registered trademark Swype, Inc. All other marks are properties of their respective owners.
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